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Meet Elana

Hi, I'm Elana, pronounced "E-lai-na". From the day I completed college with a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies from Concordia University in Irvine, CA I found myself to have an entrepreneurial spirit. I took a year after college to complete an AmeriCorps service year in Tampa, FL where I was inspired to help teens with career planning. I spent the following 8 years in Escondido, CA building Go2Grow Mentorship Program alongside my family's mortgage business as a loan officer. While juggling the tasks as both a non-profit founder and lead salesperson for Integrity 1st Mortgage, I ran myself ragged trying to "do it all". The one thing I really learned was that there are so many activities to do to market to your potential customers and retain past customers, but it's hard to do it all and actually run your business. I created a business that helps business owners tackle their to do list with an emphasis in social media content creation and management... but that wasn't enough. Once we got the business rolling, we were having a hard time getting our client's posts seen, so we found a way to overcome that too! We help you gain visibility month-after-month and we'll send you a report to prove it! My team and I specialize in creating content that helps business owners shine online! If you need help with what to post, when to post & how to post... we've got you covered!

My Skillset:

  • Detail-Oriented

  • Critical Thinker

  • Creative & Artistic

  • Business Savvy

  • Strong Moral Code

  • Organized

  • Leader

  • Ambitious

  • Thoughtful

  • Event Planner

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